Info about 2019-20 Basketball

UpdatedMonday November 11, 2019 byJennifer Banks.

We are excited about the 2019-20 Basketball Season with NBYAA!

WHO We are offering basketball for boys and girls, grades K-9. 

COST Registration costs $95 for each player. (Kindergarten is $50 per player.)

Admission to regular season games is free, but there will be an admission charge ($3 adults, $2 students) during tournament games.

EQUIPMENT  The league will provide a jersey and shorts for each player.  Players need to wear non-marking athletic shoes.  Coaches will receive 1 ball, a whistle, a clipboard, a mesh bag, and a scoreboard.  They will also receive a t-shirt to match their team's jersey color.

Players are not required to have their own ball, but it is extremely helpful for practice.

 Goal heights & ball size:            

K & 1/2 grades = 8 ft goal             27.5 size ball

3/4 grades = 9 ft goal                    27.5 size ball

5/6 grades = 10ft goal                   28.5 size ball

7/8/9 grades  = 10 ft goal               29.5 size ball



The following schedule is TENTATIVE.

Online Registration Open Oct 1 - Oct 31, 2019
In-person Registration  #1 Sat Oct 5, 9am-12pm, @ NBYAA football game entry gate (North Buncombe High School)
In-person Registration #2 Thurs Oct 10th, 6pm - 7:30pm @ baseball field closest to NB Pool
In-person Registration #3

At Evaluations on Sat Nov 2nd (Must be registered before your age group is evaluated, see schedule below.)


Sat Nov 2nd at NBES gym.

  • 9:00am      1st & 2nd grade girls
  • 10:00am    1st & 2nd grade boys
  • 11:00am     3rd & 4th grade girls
  • 1:00pm       3rd & 4th grade boys 
  • 2:00pm       5th & 6th grade girls
  • 3:00pm       5th & 6th grade boys
    • (7-9th grade girls: no evals needed)
    • (7th-9th grade boys on Nov 9th at at NBMS, time TBA)

Coaches, please arrive 20 minutes before your age group begins so that we can go over some things with you beforehand.

Coach & Team Assignments Nov 4th - 9th  (one week later for 7th-9th grade)
Practices only Nov 11th -30th
Receive Uniforms at practice Nov 25th - 26th
Pictures at practice TBA
Regular Season Dec 2nd - Feb 15 (no b-ball when schools are closed for Winter Break)
Tournament Window Feb 16th - Feb 28th


Click here to learn more about Evaluations


This year, no players will be permitted to register after the cutoff date of November 2nd unless all coaches in the age division agree to allow the player to register late.  (For example, this might be the case if adding one or two additional players would create equal numbers of players between teams.)  Late registrants (if any) will be assigned to teams by the league commissioners, whose main objective will be to ensure balanced teams.  Absolutely no registrations will be added after uniforms are ordered. 

After the evaluation process, coaches will contact their players to introduce themselves and inform parents about the practice schedule, etc.  YOU SHOULD HEAR FROM YOUR ASSIGNED COACH sometime between November 5th and November 8th, 2019. 

This season we are encouraging parents to utilize the technology the league is providing.  You can install the SI PLay app for FREE on your smart phone and use it to see your child's game schedule, etc, once that has been assigned.  You will need the same log-in information as you used to register your child online, but once you are in, you shouldn't have to log in again.   This app will be the fastest way to know about cancellations due to weather, etc.

Please spread the word about NBYAA basketball.  The more players, the better! We are LOCAL ORGANIZED FUN sports for the North Buncombe community!

We are working hard to give parents the level of organization and professionalism they expect and deserve.  If you see an opportunity for improvement, please let us know.