Understanding Baseball/Softball Evaluations

UpdatedThursday February 27, 2020 byJennifer Banks.

What are evaluations?  They are a means for the League to make sure that teams are balanced in skill level.  When teams are equally matched, players have more fun and are motivated to further develop their skills. 

At baseball and softball evaluations, players will be asked to hit, field, run, and throw the ball.

T-ball players will be asked to hit off the tee.  (Reminder: there is no pitching in t-ball.)  Rookie players will hit off the machine. Older ages will hit from coach-pitch at evals. 

For divisions older than Rookie, players who are interested in pitching will also be asked to throw some pitches. 

Evals for the oldest two divisions (Jr Babe Ruth and Sr. Babe Ruth) will be more specific based on position played. 

There is no pressure to achieve anything other than to do your best. 

Players are NOT REQUIRED to have their own equipment at evaluations.  If you do not have a bat, glove, or helmet – there will be some available to borrow.  Cleats are ideal, but regular athletic shoes are okay.  (If we hold evaluations inside of a gym due to bad weather, cleats will not be permitted and regular tennis shoes will be just fine.)

After evaluations, the coaches will meet the following week to create balanced teams.  The teams are created "blind," and once all coaches agree that the teams are balanced, the coaches will draw numbers to find out which team is theirs. Coaches' children are then added to the teams (and then some light shuffling is typically needed to ensure teams are still balanced.) 

The League Commissioners will be present at evaluations and during "the draft," and their purpose is to ensure balance during this process.