Reminders for Coaches

UpdatedMonday December 2, 2019 byJennifer Banks.

Coaches, we are excited for our first week of regular season games!

A few reminders:

  • If you have the first game (6 or 6:30), DO NOT go into the gym more than 15 minutes before your game starts. 
  • Remember to have a quick “huddle” just before tip off with the other coach, the gym supervisor, and the referee(s).  This will be for the referees to quickly review the rules for your age group and for them to give you a heads up on anything particular they will be calling.    
  • PLEASE start the games on time! 
  • After the game, be sure to have your players line up to shake hands with the other team.  “Good game, good game, good game.”    Please keep your post-game huddle brief.
  • If you are visiting team, remember to have a volunteer ready to run the clock/scoreboard.
  • If you are home team, remember to have a volunteer ready to keep the scorebook.
  • Home team, you are responsible for “opening” the gym if you are the first game.  If you have the last game, home team is responsible for sweep, goal reset, bathroom check, etc.  Follow gym checklist.  Ask your players’ parents to help you with this!
  • No negative comments should be made directly to the referees…if you have a referee concern you may direct it to the gym supervisor during the game.
  • If you have a concern about another coach or parent behavior, please contact your appropriate commissioner after the 24-hour “cooling off” period.
  • Have fun!  You’re volunteering!  Enjoy it!!  THANK YOU!