Info about 2020 Baseball, Softball, and T-Ball

UpdatedThursday February 27, 2020 byJennifer Banks.

We are excited about the 2020 Baseball/Softball Season with NBYAA!

In this article we will cover:

  • Cost
  • Coaches
  • Sponsors
  • Ages
  • Divisions
  • Equipment needed
  • Schedule
  • Evaluations
  • Late Registrations
  • Communications

Cost: Registration costs $115 for each player.  It is our goal to have 10 games for each age division in addition to a tournament.    Admission to regular season games will be free, but there will be an admission charge for tournament games ($3/adult, $1/child)

Coaches needed:  Coaching youth league ball is fun and rewarding.  If you’d like to coach, please register yourself as a volunteer (similar process as registering your child to play.)  You can learn more about what’s needed from coaches HERE.

Sponsors needed:  To keep registration costs as low as possible, we need a sponsor for each team to contribute $500 towards uniforms.  Sponsors will have their name on the back of the jersey and will receive a photo plaque to display. If you are interested in sponsoring your child’s team (THANK YOU), please let your coach know once you are assigned to a team. 

To ensure proper spelling of your name on jerseys, please fill out the sponsorship form HERE.

Ages: We have programs for boys for ages 4-18 (must turn 4 years old before May 1, 2020).  For girls, we offer programs for ages 4 -14 (must turn 4 before May 1, 2020).

Based on age, kids are grouped into different divisions.  See the chart HERE.

In baseball, you are allowed to play 12 months ahead of your age if you so desire.  Therefore  when you register, you might see that you have a choice between 2 divisions. 

Divisions: What are the differences between the divisions?   See a brief description of each division HERE.

Equipment: Players will need to have their own bat, glove, helmet, and cleats.  However, these do not need to be brand new!  Sometimes coaches will have extra bats or helmets that can be used by players who do not own these.  We don’t care about name brands or price tags.  As long as they comply with the regulations for your age division, they are fine with us!  See the regulations HERE.

A hat, pants, and jersey will be provided to each player as part of the uniform.  T-ball players do not get belts, but will get socks instead.

Schedule: Generally speaking, you can expect to have approx. 2 -3 practices per week during March.  Once the regular season begins, you can expect approx. 2 games per week and 1 practice every other week or so.  Each age division will be a little different, and of course, weather is a tremendous factor.  Saturdays may be needed for make-up practices or games.

The following schedule for the season is TENTATIVE.

Registration Open Online

Jan 13 – Feb 28th, 2020.  Online registration will close at 11:59pm on Friday Feb 28th.

In-person Registration  #1

Sat Feb 1st, 3pm-5pm @ NB Middle School gym

In-person Registration #2

Mon Feb 10, 6:15 – 8:00pm  @ NB Elem school, Cafeteria entrance near bus parking lot

In-person Registration #3

At Evaluations on Sat Feb 29th, 2020.


Saturday February 29th, 2020


(This is due to forecast of bad weather. No cleats in gym. Just wear tennis shoes.)



1:30  T-ball

1:30   8U


2:30  10U

3:30   Rookie & 2A

3:30  12U

4:30  4-A

1:30   14U


Coaches, please arrive 20 minutes before your age group begins so that we can go over some things with you beforehand.

Coach & Team Assignments

The draft will take place on Monday March 2nd

Practices only

March 7th – 29th



Regular Season

March 30th  – May 16th

Tournament Window

May 18 – June 10th

Evaluations:  Click here to learn more about Evaluations. 

This year, no players will be permitted to register after the cutoff date of Feb 29th at 4:30 pm unless all coaches in the age division agree to allow the player to register late.  (For example, this might be the case if adding one or two additional players would allow equal numbers of players between teams.)  Late registrants (if any) will be assigned to teams by the league commissioners, whose main objective will be to ensure balanced teams.  Absolutely no registrations will be added after uniforms are ordered. 

After the evaluation process, coaches will contact their players to introduce themselves and inform parents about the practice schedule, etc.  YOU SHOULD HEAR FROM YOUR ASSIGNED COACH sometime between March 3rd & March 5th 2019. 

Communications:  This season we are encouraging parents to utilize the technology the league is providing.  You can install the SI PLay app for FREE on your smart phone and use it to see your child's game schedule, etc, once that has been assigned.  You will need the same log-in information as you used to register your child online, but once you are in, you shouldn't have to log in again. Your coach will probably communicate to you through this app. 

Furthermore, your child’s team will have a dedicated webpage on our website where you can view the schedule, etc.

Please spread the word about NBYAA baseball.  The more players, the better! We are LOCAL ORGANIZED FUN sports for the North Buncombe community!